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30-Day, Risk-Free Hearing Aid Trial

Integrity Hearing Center is home of the 30-day, risk-free trial for new hearing aids. Hearing aids are an investment in your hearing future, and we want you to be completely satisfied. Try out your new hearing aids for 30 days, risk-free. Wear them in challenging environments and experience first-hand the difference in your life. If the hearing aids don’t make your life better, return them for a full refund.

person getting hearing aid

Why Is a Trial Period Important?

Our comprehensive hearing evaluations provide Dr. Gessert with an in-depth and accurate assessment of your hearing capability. Using this information and an understanding of your living and working environment, we’ll recommend hearing aids to match your lifestyle and budget. You’ll be able to test the fit, comfort, and hearing capability of your new hearing aids in our office. However, we understand there is no substitute for real-world experience. For this reason, it’s important you have the opportunity to take your hearing aids home and test them in environments where you use them most. Whether it’s school, work, outdoors, at special events, or anywhere else you’ve had a challenge hearing in the past, you’ll have 30 days to test your new device to ensure it meets your expectations. If the hearing aid doesn’t, bring it back to us for a full refund, and we’ll find something that works.

We’re Committed to Customer Satisfaction

The staff at Integrity Hearing Center understands the value and importance of being able to hear clearly to communicate with loved ones, friends, and coworkers. It’s a quality-of-life issue, and we’re committed to helping each of our customers find the right solution that works for them and provides the confidence they need in social situations. Contact us today to learn more about our 30-day, risk-free trial.

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