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We Offer Custom Hearing Protection in Troy & Hermann, MO

Integrity Hearing Center offers custom hearing protection at our two locations in Troy and Hermann, MO. One of the best ways to prevent premature hearing loss is to protect your ears from overexposure to loud noises, water, and other causes of ear damage and infection. Do you spend a lot of time in noisy environments or the water? Contact us to learn more about custom hearing protection.

happy doctor holding hearing aid

What Is Custom Hearing Protection

You can find over-the-counter ear protection at retail stores, such as foam ear plugs, which provide some defense against loud noise. But if you’re in a line of work or have a hobby that constantly exposes your ears to potential hearing damage or infection, custom options are more comfortable and offer better protection. Dr. Gessert creates custom ear plug molds in the office by taking an impression of your ear and ear canal. This mold is then sent to the earmold manufacturer, and they create a custom-made earplug that fits your ear perfectly. When wearing these earmolds, noise reduction is very noticeable, allowing you to be exposed to this noise over an extended period of time.

swimming putting in hear protection

What Can I Use Custom Hearing Protection For?

There are many lifestyle and career situations that can pose a threat to your hearing. However, a hobby such as playing in a band or a line of work operating loud machinery can continue safely with proper ear protection. Dr. Gessert has provided earmolds for patients taking part in many different activities, including:

  • Listening to loud music
  • Hunting and shooting
  • Loud work environments
  • Swimming
  • And even those who want to enjoy quietness when falling asleep

Visit Us for Custom Hearing Protection

Protect your ears and prevent early hearing loss with custom hearing protection from Integrity Hearing Center. We can provide you with a comfortable, guaranteed fit by making a mold of your ear’s shape here in our office. We work with a trusted manufacturer for the final product to ensure quality ear protection that lasts. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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