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Comprehensive Hearing Services for All Ages

Integrity Hearing Center has two convenient locations in Troy and Hermann, MO offering a full line of hearing services for patients of all ages. Whether you feel like your ability to hear has diminished, you hear constant ringing or buzzing, or you need help with your current hearing aids, we have an audiology service to help you. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

doctor checking child's ear

General Hearing Evaluations

Annual hearing evaluations are essential to your regular health screenings, and we work with your primary care doctor to ensure the results are included in your health history. Certain individuals are more prone to hearing loss than others, and annual screenings are critical for those who:

  • Experience or think they have hearing loss
  • Have a history of hearing loss in their family
  • Experience ringing or buzzing in their ears, known as tinnitus
  • Work in a noisy environment
  • Are around loud noises recreationally, such as gunfire, live music, music through headphones, and lawn equipment

What Happens During a Hearing Evaluation?

If this is your first time visiting an audiologist or our practice, we want every patient to know your comfort and peace of mind are essential to us. Our office is a warm and inviting atmosphere, and you’ll meet directly with Dr. Gessert during your visit. The process is simple, painless, and non-invasive, and the best part is you’ll learn a lot about your hearing health.

The 4 Different Hearing Tests Explained By Dr. Gessert

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We Start With a General Consultation About Your Health

Dr. Gessert is a personable and caring audiologist who is legitimately interested in the health and hearing concerns of every patient who visits us. We want you to feel right at home so you can comfortably discuss your situation. He will ask a few medical questions to help identify possible hereditary or indirect causes of potential hearing loss.

Visual Physical Examination of Your Ear Canal & Ear Drums

After the consultation, Dr. Gessert will conduct a short physical exam of your ear canal and the tympanic membrane (ear drum) using a video otoscope. The video otoscope is connected to a TV right in the office. You will see exactly what Dr. Gessert sees, and he will explain what he is looking for, his findings during the exam, and general dos and don’ts when cleaning your ear canals. The purpose of the video exam is to look at the following:

  • Cerumen (earwax) buildup in the canals
  • An up-close inspection of the tympanic membrane
  • Any perforations, holes, scarring, or middle ear effusion (signs of fluid or infection) on the tympanic membrane

Hearing Testing & Evaluation

Your ability to hear sounds and understand words is an essential component of the hearing evaluation. After the video otoscope, you will enter a soundproof booth where Dr. Gessert will test your ability to hear through a few different methods.

Air & Bone Conduction Testing

We will play a series of beeps, and you will respond as you hear them. The beeps will get softer and softer until you can no longer hear them.

Speech Discrimination Testing

During this test, you will hear words similar in sound to others and repeat each one as you listen to it. There is no volume adjustment through this test. It simply gauges your ability to distinguish similar words.

Speech Testing

During the speech test, you will hear words and repeat each one. The words will get quieter and quieter until you can no longer hear them.

Impedance Testing

The final test measures the tympanic membrane movement to see how compliant it is. Dr. Gessert will test the viability of the membrane, the condition of the three smallest bones in your body, which are in the middle ear space, and the function of the Eustachian tube.

inner ear model

Reviewing the Audiogram

Once the tests and evaluation are completed, Dr. Gessert will review the audiogram results and your ability to hear sounds as they get quieter and quieter. The frequencies of the noises tested, the loudness of each one, and the condition of the tympanic membrane, middle ear, and inner ear will provide Dr. Gessert with excellent insight to offer his professional recommendation.

Trusted Recommendations

The solution for improved hearing varies from person to person. If your hearing comes back normal, Dr. Gessert will recommend annual hearing evaluations to monitor the progression of any hearing loss. If hearing loss is detected and hearing aids are recommended, Dr. Gessert will review the various options available within your budget and the differences between style, technology, and prices.

doctor looking in person's ear

Tinnitus Evaluations

Everyone has experienced ringing in their ears, but it usually goes away after a while. If you experience ringing that never seems to go away or gets worse in quieter environments, you may be suffering from tinnitus. The condition is caused by exposure to excessive noise, such as music at high volume, machinery, and other loud environments. Dr. Gessert can offer tinnitus treatments to help manage the condition.

Hearing Aid Repair Services

Over time, hearing aids will require attention and repairs to maintain quality and effectiveness. The buildup of dust, moisture, and earwax can harm the delicate parts of your hearing device. Our office offers hearing aid repairs, such as replacing battery doors, receivers, and ear hooks and washing and dehumidifying the devices. Even if you didn’t purchase your hearing aids from us, we’re still happy to help keep them in good working condition.

Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive listening devices provide a little extra help hearing in specific environments or situations where hearing aids aren’t the best method. There are many options available for those who have difficulty communicating. Contact us to learn more about products like:

  • TV listening systems
  • Amplified telephones
  • Amplified alarm clocks
happy doctor holding hearing aid

Custom Hearing Protection

There are plenty of over-the-counter hearing protection options if there are occasions here and there when ear protection is necessary. However, if you have a work-related or recreational hobby that continuously exposes you to loud noises, there are choices for more advanced and more comfortable custom devices. These products are tailored to your ear and configured for the activity for which you’re using them. We recommend these for activities, including:

  • Playing or listening to live music
  • Hunting or shooting
  • Working in noisy environments
  • Swimming
  • And those who want extra peace and quiet at night

Contact Us for Hearing Services Today

Your ears are fragile organs that require proper care to protect your hearing ability. At Integrity Hearing Center in Troy and Hermann, MO, we offer various services to evaluate your hearing and provide solutions to help improve your quality of life if hearing loss is an issue. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

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