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Ten Years of Supporting the Rett Spectrum Clinic

By Dr. Kelly Gessert

A full and fulfilling life is so important to me and I’m so blessed to do what I love – help others reconnect with their loved ones by providing hearing solutions. I truly enjoy connecting with family and friends and help when and how I can with the talents I’ve been given.

Ten years ago, I got together dear friends whose daughter lives with Rett Syndrome. Did you know that St. Louis is home to one of a handful of clinics specifically dedicated to treating patients with Rett Syndrome? It is a one-stop clinic where patients and their families receive comprehensive care and consultation. The clinic cares for the patient, empowers the families by building a strong community of awareness and understanding, and is actively involved in clinical research and discovery of treatments and a cure for the disease.

After meeting Dave and Mickie McCool and their daughter, Ellie, I knew I had to do whatever I could to help the Rett Spectrum Clinic in St. Louis, which treats Rett patients from all over Midwest and beyond.

We started with a dream, some dedicated friends and volunteers and golfers! Over the last 10 years, the Rett Spectrum Clinic Golf Classic has raised more than $750,000. It’s an honor to be a part of this amazing cause. The tenth annual tournament was held at Lake Forest Country Club in Lake Saint Louis on Monday, June 12. It was a perfect day for golf and raising money for the Rett Spectrum Clinic. 

Thanks to everyone who participated – our volunteers, our sponsors, our golfers, clinic staff and our Rett Syndrome patients and their families. I am filled with gratitude for you all.